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I forgot to post a comic description. Who knows why I never did. This comes straight from the CG Wiki article that +WA+ now has.

General info:

+White Ash+ is a supernatural webcomic pertaining group of mismatched people in a world of 'humans' unlike themselves. They struggle to live normally while dealing with their other selves: a supernatural world of uncontrollable evils. This is an adventure manga for those who enjoy paranormal stories of drama and darkness with a little fluff in between. The main characters are Kira, Onikatsu, and other nameless people.

It is traditionally colored going into CG and was started in mid-2005.



White Ash tells of three people who all trail the paths of the supernatural world that has been, denied by the humans, intergrated into the modern world. Though technology had fallen behind our own world’s, the parallels of international conflict still reigns. It begins in the outlying forests of St. Ashen in the spring of 521 ABR. The years, measured Godlessly, are counted from years After the Blood Raid massacre that the large island of Jawa, where St. Ashen lies, had to endure to gain independence from the mainland.

A shy girl enters and is overwhelmed by a large man, however, not before she nearly kills him. She never even touched him. Though she escapes, the chase ends quickly with her unconscious. After awaking in a strange make-shift cage as an apparent hostage, she recounts her paranormal life—raised in an isolated village where the residents are referred to as ‘Snow People’ for their ivory hair—as she is an empath. Her training to sharpen her hold over others emotions led to an orphanage as her entire bloodline died one by one. The girl had incredible potential, she could heal and even cause others deep pain with her power, yet she was left an empty shell. A man found her on the street and offered her a new home. Kira, as told him, had a new life.

Onikatsu treated her like a doll. His group of all-male cohorts ran a piracy business that left Kira alone often in a dingy basement. However, he love for her new master, Onikatsu, would never leave her sight. He loved her as a prodigy and bestowed a poisonous mark upon her belly one night, well more of a bite really, that bonded them further. The tattoo allowed increased her skill to cause pain to others—his gift to her.

Nevertheless, Onikatsu found a new child, Tajkeda, and threw Kira aside to focus on him. Moving north to find more trade, he sent Kira out as infantry against bounty hunters that had heard of Onikatsu’s arrival in the region. Kira sets out, seething with bitter jealousy, and finds a man approaching their new campsite. Her shy girl routine does not work … and ends up half conscious with a black eye in some guy’s apartment.

To be continued...